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Full Consultation Project - August 2017

foxtrot tango whisky bar



1950’s LA Style Modernist cocktail bar

  • Created concept and branding with LeapXD

  • Design and constructed full bar, back bar and service layout

  • Hosted big names in the industry from New York including Philip Duff and Jim Meehan

  • Created modernist cocktails in a laid-back atmosphere including a private members club, curated tastings and full take over style pop up

  • Day to day operations including projections, budgets and cash flow

  • Several Vancouver magazines called us the “best new cocktail bar in Vancouver, except in Victoria”

It’s a cool concept that’s well executed, no doubt helped along by it’s diminutive size exceedingly capable staff. Anything less would have been a shocker, for this is nothing if not a bartender’s bar. Selfishly, I wish to hell and back it was in Vancouver.
— Andrew Morrison, Scout Magazine on Foxtrot Tango Whisky Bar
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