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Creating Unique Approaches to the Hospitality Industry


Creating Unique Approaches for the Hospitality Industry

Pushing the envelope

Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Shawn Soole has been bartending, training, consulting and writing about the city's cocktail culture for over a decade. Shawn specializes in creating dynamic venues through designing efficient bars and restaurants, training schedules and systems along with aligning brands, goals and mantras. Shawn Soole specializes in taking clients end goal and reverse engineering it from the design stage, to the launch and systems to create a successful business for the future. You dream establishment is his only goal.

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Areas of Consultancy

business strategy and branding

Pinpointing the client's end goal for opening an establishment and then reverse engineering the process is the most critical step in creating a long term, successful business model and gives a transparent and structured message to staff, guests and the media. 

staff efficiencies and systems

The simplest of system changes can change your business dramatically; whether it be ticket times, kitchen set up, sequence of service and back end set up for sales tracking and labor. 

bar and restaurant design

Bar and restaurant design encompassing interior design along with efficiencies in back bar, service bar, back of house and front of house operations. An efficient design will create happy staff, speed of service and an increase of income. 

spirit design

A relatively young culture in British Columbia, using Shawn's consulting experience gives an insight to the bartender's mindset and the guest's perception of their spirit in the market.  


Taking your concept and turning into a reality. Pop ups, speciality tastings, cocktail competitions, if you have an event that involves a spirit brand and you want to create a one of a kind experience; we can do that. 

menu development and training  

Designing a beverage program that fits with the establishments needs along with staff skills, trainable matrices, existing design constraints and guest base. Any establishment can introduce an elevated program with the right training and systems. 

SPEAKing,WRITING and judging

Hosting an AGM or management retreat, Shawn has spoken at some of the world's most premier events including Tales of the Cocktail, Restaurant Conference Toronto and BC Hospitality Show


Any bartender can be great in a great bar, a great bartender can make any bar great
— anonynmous


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