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It’s a cool concept that’s well executed, no doubt helped along by it’s diminutive size exceedingly capable staff. Anything less would have been a shocker, for this is nothing if not a bartender’s bar. Selfishly, I wish to hell and back it was in Vancouver.
— Andrew Morrison, Scout Magazine on Foxtrot Tango Whisky Bar

Shawn’s work at Café Mexico helped rebirth a 35 year old brand into a modern, sophisticated Mexican restaurant with one of the largest collections of agave spirits in the country
— Brad Olberg - Cafe Mexico

As a young entrepreneur I couldn’t have been more lucky to have met Shawn. The talent he brings to the table combined with the guidance he provides to those he commits to is incredible. It’s been a pleasure to work with such a talented, and caring industry mentor
— Kirn Bawa - Sizzling Tandoor

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