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Tailoring your goals into a reality

Areas of Consulting

business strategy and branding

Pinpointing the client's end goal for opening an establishment and then reverse engineering the process is the most critical step in creating a long term, successful business model and gives a transparent and structured message to staff, guests and the media. 

Usually muddled during the opening process is the question what do I want to achieve in 1, 3 and 5 years. Sitting down and figuring out this points in time and working backwards to the opening, setting goals and creating a brand from day one is paramount to convey what your guests, the media and your staff need to know to all be focussed on what you, as the owner you want. 

Having a solid mantra or mission statement for your business is the simplest but most important thing when opening. 

staff efficiencies and systems

The simplest of system changes can change your business dramatically; whether it be ticket times, kitchen set up, sequence of service and back end set up for sales tracking and labor. 

"Watch the cents, the dollars will take care of themselves" is a strong quote that in the business of restaurants is probably more valuable than any other. Labor, food and drink costs variables, linen costs and breakage are all costs that if not watched on a daily basis can make the bottom line at the end of the month a little smaller. 

Systems such as ticket times in the kitchen, sequence of service for the server and floor plans are all simple systems to initiate to create a efficient venue that can add significant returns on the bottom line.                            

bar and restaurant design

Bar and restaurant design encompassing interior design along with efficiencies in back bar, service bar, back of house and front of house operations. An efficient design will create happy staff, speed of service and an increase of income. 

Buying a prefabricated bar unit has it's pros and cons; custom units, while more expensive can offer the operator a specialised designed unit that is tailored for their bar. 

The "one step rule" which dictates the bartender taking a step in any direction should be able to reach anything in the bar is the primary goal of an efficiency back bar and fridge design. 

All these factors may cost a little more but will pay off in efficencies over the course of the first year. 

spirit design

A relatively young culture in British Columbia, using Shawn's consulting experience gives an insight to the bartender's mindset and the guest's perception of their spirit in the market.  

Taking the approach of general public reception, bartenders needs and mixibility in cocktail culture; Shawn has devised a system of researching the methods and creation of the category the world over and then finding a focus that would work in the market. 

Examples of Shawn's consulting are Stump Gin, Sheringham Akvavit and Legend Distilling Naramaro.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Taking your concept and turning into a reality. Pop ups, speciality tastings, cocktail competitions, if you have an event that involves a spirit brand and you want to create a one of a kind experience; we can do that. 

From tastings to full blown cocktail competitions, Shawn has the social media base along with the organisational skills to create from start to execution. 

menu development and training  

Designing a beverage program that fits with the establishments needs along with staff skills, trainable matrices, existing design constraints and guest base. Any establishment can introduce an elevated program with the right training and systems. 

Creating a menu that suits your restaurant's theme such as Café Mexico's tequila and mezcal focus, Indian styled cocktails at Sizzling Tandoor or local spirit selection at OLO is a paramount way of creating a niche program that stands out. 

After years of working in franchise restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and high end cocktails bars, Shawn has the ability to work within the constraints of your existing bar set up and staff and create an elevated but approachable program.                                                 

SPEAKing,WRITING and judging

Hosting an AGM or management retreat, Shawn has spoken at some of the world's most premier events including Tales of the Cocktail, Restaurant Conference Toronto and BC Hospitality Show.

Shawn speaks about topics from designing bars to cocktail history and the culture of cocktails and bars. He also writes periodically for local and national magazines such as Eat Magazine and Alchemist Magazine. 

In 2013, Shawn published his first book, Cocktail Culture showcasing the diverse and dynamic culture in Victoria, British Columbia. 

As of 2018, Shawn has been a judge of the Canadian Whisky Awards and the Vancouver International Spirits Competition. 

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